NarniaWeb Interviews Patrick Kake

NarniaWeb: What is your favorite memory of working on this movie?

Patrick Kake: My favourite memory was working with William Mosley, Shane Rangi and Tilda Swinton on the battle scenes. To put the battle scene stunt choreography into practice was awesome. Alan Poppleton, Stu Thrope and 2nd Director Phil Neilson were responsible for all of the battle stunts and Dana Porter was Tilda’s stunt double. I won’t go into details as I would hate to spoil it for anyone.

NW: What was your reaction when you learned you had gotten the part?

PK: I was absolutely estatic and a little emotional when I found out I was given the role of Oreuis. To be a part of such a huge movie is very rare. It was an experience that I will remember forever.

Patrick Kake as Oreius

Patrick Kake as Oreius

NW: What was one of the hardest things (for you) about working on the movie?

PK: I think the hardest thing was trying not to eat too much of the fabulous food they treated us to every day. Even in between the main meals of the day the caterers would walk around set tempting us with all sorts of delicacies. It required alot of discipline I tell you!

NW: Did you suffer from any injuries wearing your costume or during the filming of the battle scene?

PK: No I didn’t but in saying that I did get some soreness from the armour rubbing on the inside of my shoulders after a week of swinging the swords.

NW: Were you wearing your “prosthetic horse” when you were sword fighting? What was it like to sword fight in that, and how long did it take to adapt to a totally new style of swordplay?

PK: Great question. Yes, I did a lot of the fight footage in the horse body, and in relation to the sword technique I needed to open my arms a little wider so I could spin the swords from side to side in order not to make contact with the prosthectic body. The main long sword a near 6ft long real steel blade was very hard to spin and slash. Sometimes only using one hand because of the length and 7kg weight. So I had to extend my arm, or arms, even further out so I wouldn’t hit the quad bike I was strapped to. There is a photo of the quad bike setup in Ian Brodies book “Cameras in Narnia” (buy the book).

NW: Was this your first time acting with children who had leading roles? What was it like to act with them?

PK: No it wasn’t the first time time I had worked with children who had leading roles. Working with Anna, Skandar, Georgie and Peter was an absolute pleasure. Skandar could joke and laugh with the crew right up to “action” and go straight into character and deliver his lines word perfect. Georgie made me laugh one day on set when she was half way through a scene that she wasn’t happy with, so like the veteran she had become, said to Andrew Adamson, “Could we go back ones please Andrew”, which means can we go back to the beginning and start again. Now that takes alot of guts to tell the director what to do.

NW:How long did it take you to get “suited up” with full make-up each day?

PK: Prostectic make up by Kathrine Brown would take 4 hours to apply, then Dila Fernandez would apply the wig, sideburns, and goatee (all made by herself) which took about 35 minutes to apply. From there it was into wardrobe where Peter Hornbuckle would have the red fabric part of the Oreius costume, green tights, thermal socks, safety boots and thermal top ready to put on. 10 minutes later it was off to the Weta Armour team, Rob Gillies (Hemi), Joe Dunckley and Ben Price, the rock stars of the Weta armoury, along with assistants Carla and Marcel would dress the helmet, gauntlets, 5 piece shoulder and chest plates, belt and bottom armour plate. This took about 30 mins. Lastly once on set Dawn Dinninger and Fred Freleigh would apply the Prosthetic horse body (15 minutes). So the total time it took to make up Oreius was approximately 5 1/2 hours.

NW: Are we going to see you in Prince Caspian (in a different role?)

PK: I would love to play Glenstorm in Prince Caspian, what do you think fans of NarniaWeb? Oreius, FencerForJesus, ladycentaur, centaur33, starwatcher, blackglove, wessexranger, elenatintil? (Yes there are spies among us) Could Glenstorm be a great grand son of General Oreius? I think Glenstorm could look similar to Oreius, maybe more chestnut looking.