SNL Does Narnia Rap

Saturday Night Live ran a Chris Parnell Narnia rap called “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”. The video has two hopelessly white boys hitting the streets of Manhattan in search of the Narnia film. It’s very, very funny and can be viewed at You Tube. The good folks at Gothamist have transcribed the lyrics for your enjoyment (yo wheres the movie playing? upper west side dude! let’s hit up yahoo maps to find the dopest route. i prefer mapquest! that’s a good one too. googlemaps is the best! true that! double true!). Beware, though, that there is one “bleep-out” in the video which is practically spelled out in the transcription. Having trouble loading the video? We now have a downloadable MP3 of the song that you can download directly from NarniaWeb (right click and select ‘save target’ to download). UPDATE: Andrew writes us that the video can now be downloaded for free from the Apple Music Store. Click here.