Narnia Movie Script

We’ve had a lot of requests for the script for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and while we haven’t been able to get our mitts on the official script we’ve got the next best thing: A Fan Script.

31 NarniaWebbers have collaborated to produce a script for the film completely from memory. Our script is 42 pages long and probably isn’t perfect but we’ve got the whole movie “chronicled” from action to dialogue to scene changes.

Last Updated: March 4th

Click here to download the 42-page script (pdf format, 681k)

A huge thanks goes out to Mister_Tumnus, FencerforJesus, aslanshow, QueenSusan15, loneislander, Gymfan15, narnialover101, glumPuddle, suchwascharn, Narnia_nut, Susan Pevensie, PrincessRosario, Eorneste, DancingFaun, Narniafan405, Aslangirl, aravis21, aravis_117, Slina, meldred, Aravanna, DavisChristian, joanna71985, hobbitongal, qwertykate88, edmundsdefender, loper42, rachelavonlea, No Fear!, mrspretty12, and huge-narnia-fan.

NarniaWebber ‘Mister_Tumnus‘ started a thread in the discussion forum entitled the “You’ve Seen LWW Too Often Game” on December 30, 2005 (view it here). NarniaWebber ‘huge-narnia-fan‘ edited the script together.

UPDATE: We now have a Spanish version of the script thanks to Conrad Wojnar. Click here to download.

UPDATE: Thanks to Reepi, we also are proud to present an early version of the script. Click here to download.