Adamson Back On Board

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Andrew Adamson will be returning to direct Prince Caspian. Read the complete article here.

‘Narnia 2’ gearing up, Adamson in

Andrew Adamson is set to return to the director’s chair, having just inked a deal to helm “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.” Adamson also will serve as a producer and co-writer, collaborating with returning scribes Christopher Markus and Steve McFeeley. The principal cast is coming back, as is producer Mark Johnson.

A screenplay is not yet written, but production is scheduled to begin this year with an eye toward a Christmas 2007 release.

“I’m unbelievably relieved that what we hoped has happened,” Walden Media co-founder and CEO Cary Granat said about the success of the first film. “It reminds me of when I was kid and saw clouds and wondered how it would be to touch one. And when you’re an adult and you’re on a mountain and actually have a chance to touch one, all you can think is, How cool! We’re incredibly elated right now.”

About Adamson returning, Granat added, “To me, the most exciting aspect of all of this is that there is so much that Andrew wanted to express and do in the first film, and now he’ll have a chance to.”