Behind Narnia’s Visual Effects

Sony Imageworks has posted several featurettes about the visual effects in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The other companies that worked on the effects are Rhythm and Hues, and Industrial Light and Magic.

As well as an interesting article from the latest issue of HDRI 3D magazine, there are three series of photos. “Animals of Narnia” provides a look at some of the CG creations in the film, while “Making Maugrim” and “Making of Mr. Beaver” show the progression of these two characters.

There are also two videos. The “Witch’s Castle Build” displays all of the computer elements that came together to create the shots of the castle, while the “Frozen Waterfall Meltdown” adds layer upon layer to explain how the waterfall sequence was created from both practical and computer effects.

Sony Imageworks creates Mr. Beaver

Sony Imageworks creates Mr. Beaver

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