Narnia DVD Review and Images

NarniaWebber ‘Griffle’ has posted images of the cover art and inserts from the Single-disc and 2-disc editions of the Narnia DVD.

Special Edition Full DVD cover

Special Edition Full DVD cover


Single Disc Edition and 2-Disc Collector’s Edition Pictures:

Click here to read Griffle’s review for the DVD, including a description of the bloopers. (WARNING: Blooper Spoilers!)

UPDATE: Griffle now has images of the menu screens included with the review.

UPDATE 2: Griffle has transcribed part of the Kids Commentary. In this clip, Director Andrew Adamson and Georgie Henley discuss two deleted scenes that might be in the “extended release” of the film. (We have no news on the extended cut at this time). Read it here.

Chapter Index:

1. Intoduction
2. Mrs. Macready
3. The Wardrobe
4. Mr. Tumnus’ House
5. Just Your Imagination
6. Hail the Queen!
7. Peter, Wake Up!
8. The World of Narnia
9. Beavers’ Home
10. Behond The Queen’s Castle
11. They’re After Us!
12. The Queen’s Lair
13. Across The Melting River
14. Aslan’s Camp
15. Sir Peter
16. The Lion And The Witch
17. Aslan’s Sacrifice
18. You Have To Lead Us
19. Battle for Narnia
20. Aslan’s Resurrection
21. Phoenix
22. Peter vs. The Witch
23. The Royal Coronation
24. Credits

The DVD will be available on April 4. A 2-disc Collectors Editon will aslo be available. Read about the bonus material here.