Douglas Gresham to Attend C.S. Lewis Conference

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Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham talks about re-uniting with Australian Narnian film crew at the C.S. Lewis Today Conference

Douglas Gresham, co-producer of The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, spoke a few days ago of how much he was looking forward to returning Down Under for the upcoming C.S. Lewis Today Conference (named after his stepfather) in Sydney next month.

“I am especially grateful for the opportunity to re-unite with friends with whom I worked on the film. One of the unfortunate parts of movie-making is that one makes friends and then, when the project is finished, the whole team splits up and goes its separate ways. So I am thrilled to be able to meet up with Don McAlpine, our great Director of Photography, and also Tracey Reeby, a member of the Oscar-winning Make-Up team—both of whom are going to be take part.”

All three will be talking about turning C.S. Lewis’ classic book into the film on Saturday 6 May. This will be followed by Douglas giving a an address on “C. S. Lewis: The Man and the Myth”. He will also be signing copies of his newly-released biography, Jack’s Life: Memories of C.S. Lewis.

Recalling his two decades living Australia, Douglas said, “[M]oving around the world as much and as long as I have, there are few enough places where can feel at home, and for me Australia is the one that catches at my heart. This is going to be a great conference and I get to see friends again and meet other Narnia lovers, so who could ask for more?”

The C.S. Lewis Today conference also includes a day for educators (Thursday 4 May) and a day for scholars (Friday 5 May). Further details can be found at

Places are still available so don’t forget to register!