Time To ”Fess” Up

Dear Faithful NarniaWebbers,

For months we’ve been planning the April Fool’s Day pranks that were pulled yesterday. We hope you enjoyed them and got a good chuckle, or even better a big, loud, belly-laugh. I mean, Mr. T as Reepicheep? Come on….

We went out of our way to make the stories just a bit believable but overall so outrageous that it was pretty obvious what was going on. Some of you were fooled and really believed the stories. We’re a wee bit sorry to have pulled the wool over your eyes, but it was all done in good fun. Next time you see something totally outrageous (here or elsewhere on the web) take a quick look at the calendar and make sure it isn’t April 1st!

To set the record straight, none of the news we posted on the front page yesterday was true. We made it all up. They were stories and concepts that we had been working on for months. To be responsible, though, we did make sure that the RSS feeds weren’t interrupted so Google News wouldn’t be posting our outrageous stories.

And now we’d like to take a bow. Thanks for being here, thanks for sharing, thanks for making NarniaWeb what it is today!

Your faithful pranksters,

Tirian, kaleb70, glumPuddle, Dooby, Coraline, Forbe, Frodo Lion, Rilian, and Shadow-lander
(And special thanks to Cymru for being such a good sport!)

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