Anna Popplewell Talks Prince Caspian

Bang Showbiz editor Simon Thompson caught up with Anna Popplewell for a quick update about her participation in the next Narnia film. Read the story at Thanks to Knight of Gondor for the heads up!

Anna said: “I am usually the last to know about these things but I know the producers are scouting for locations at the moment. I’ve been told we should be starting shooting at the beginning of next year. As far as the children go, I think all the old faces will be back. We’re all keen to do ‘Caspian’ anyway.”

Anna also revealed that she was happy that she managed to get the name of her home suburb Finchley mentioned in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and would like to get it heard in Prince Caspian too. “I really want to, I really do. I was so pleased to get it in and was over the moon when it made the final cut.”