New Digital Effects Team for Prince Caspian

In a follow-up from our recent Word on the Street report, there is further speculation that new digital effects companies will be working on Prince Caspian. has learnt through industry sources that two experienced London based companies, Framestore and the Moving Picture Company, may be replacing Rhythm and Hues, Sony Imageworks, and Industrial Light and Magic (all of whom worked on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).

Framestore and the Moving Picture Company have created effects for such films as the Harry Potter series, Stormbreaker, Troy, The Mummy Returns, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Batman Begins, among many others. It has recently been announced that some of the location filming for Prince Caspian may occur in the forests of Europe, and if so, it is possible that post-production might be facilitated by having the effects team nearby.

Read the full story at Thanks to Knight of Gondor for the heads up!