Extended Edition Rundown

NarniaWebber ‘huge-narnia-fan’ has viewed the Extended Edition of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and has a brief rundown of the new footage. According to ‘huge-narnia-fan’, the following scenes have been extended:

Lucy Plays with her Toy

Lucy Plays with her Toy

– The Train Station
– Train Ride
– Hide & Seek
– Tumnus’ House
– Cricket Game
– Running from Macready
– The Pevensies Playing in the Snow
– Meeting Mr. Beaver
– Walking to Beaversdam
– Edmund Crossing the Witch’s Courtyard
– Wolves Searching the Beavers’ House
– The Arrival of Spring
– The Battle of Beruna

You can read about these scenes in more detail here.

UPDATE: DigitalSpy has posted a review of the 4-disc Royal Edition (now available in the UK). Here is a clip: “The beautifully packaged Royal Edition contains an extended version of the film which delighted audiences on its initial release. It reveals nearly half an hour of never-before-seen extra footage.” Read the full review.

The 4-disc Extended Edition will be available December 12. Click here to pre-order.

UPDATE: NarniaWebber ‘Griffle’ has a review for most of the extras. Read it here.