Interview with William Moseley

William Moseley, who plays Peter Pevensie, has recently been vacationing in New York. Newspaper “The Villager” caught up with him to chat about acting and Prince Caspian. Read the full story here.

The Villager: You did have a plan beyond breakfast, right?

Moseley: I came to hone my craft a bit before I head off to New Zealand for the next installment of Narnia, “Prince Caspian.” I find the atmosphere here, in New York so motivating. It’s funny, I knew I would have one class to take with Sheila Gray, but I worried I wouldn’t be busy enough, and now I am constantly doing scenes with people from my classes, going to theater and the movies.

For me acting is so much about confidence. If you believe you are good enough you give that off and it makes you actually better. So studying with a teacher where I am being exposed to method and sensory work seems to have moved my acting to a different level.

The Villager: What’s next after the Village?

Moseley: Well, I leave for New Zealand at the end of January, and then we shoot there and in Prague, Slovenia and Poland. This role is going to be very physical, with lots of battles. I have been training in Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn. It is a place where they see me, as rather smallish boy with a funny accent, and they make me earn my respect there. I have been studying sword fighting as well, which is sort of a dream come true because when I was a boy my mum wouldn’t let me fight or kick box because she thought I’d just use it against my sister. Now I am getting to do it all.