Narnia Activity Book Review

NarniaWebber “coracle” has kindly provided us with a review of the 2007 Narnia Activity Book. See a crossword and join-the-dots in the Image Gallery. This is the only Narnia publication I have seen in stores this Christmas. It is an A4 hardback in the English genre of “Children’s Annual”, a book given for Christmas. It contains a nice balance of stories, activities/puzzles, and information. Each of the seven Narnia stories has a one-page summary, accompanied by one or more activity. There are riddles, word-searches, mazes, crosswords, join-the-dots, a picture copying grid, colouring in, spot-the-difference, and a code. At the end of the book is information about C.S.Lewis, wartime evacuation, the land of Narnia, symbols on shields, and making a movie storyboard. The text for this speaks of the movie in the future, so the book may have been intended for the 2005 market. The book is beautifully presented with a lot of colour photos from the movie, many of them full-page. It is visually very appealing, and my only negative comment is that I found a disappointing number of typographical errors. The Annual is published by Harper Collins Children’s books UK, and was sold in UK for £6.99 and in New Zealand for $19.99. I have no information about its availability in other countries.