Prince Caspian To Film In Slovenia

Slovenia’s POP TV channel has recently reported that parts of Prince Caspian will be filmed in the beautiful Soca River region. The story of Prince Caspian involves several memorable scenes that occur along various Narnian waterways. You can read our translated version of the report. (Thank you to our wonderful translators for your assistance!)

Soca River

Soca River

Although the filmmakers searched for locations all around Europe, the Soca River and its surroundings proved to be some of the most memorable. They decided to shoot part of the story in Slovenia following successful talks with the Bovec municipal council and officials.

Danijel Krivec, Mayor of Bovec: “They fell in love with the landscape and the views of the river, and especially the colour of the Soca. It was these key points that attracted them.

We’re still coordinating some details, but the procedures are underway so there shouldn’t be any obstacles.”

Filming in the region will begin in May or June next year.