Anschutz in Legal Battle Over ’Sahara’

According to Yahoo News, Phil Anschutz (Walden Media owner) is currently in a legal dispute with author Clive Cussler over “Sahara,” which released in April 2005: “[Phil] Anschutz gave [Clive] Cussler creative control — a rarity in Hollywood — over films based on his books featuring his fictional alter ego, Dirk Pitt. In return, the writer would be paid $10 million for each book that became a movie and receive consultation and approval rights. The good will between the two, however, ended in a dustup during the production of Sahara, starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz. Cussler claimed the adaptation of his book was ruined by bad scripts. Anschutz countered the author was irrational and difficult. The two are now in court, accusing one another in dueling lawsuits of crippling the 2005 film, which grossed about $68 million at the U.S. box office.” Read the full story here. Keep it up, BerninBush! Two reports in one day! (Discuss)