Disney/Walden’s ’Bridge to Terabithia’ Hits Theaters

Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media’s adaptation of Katherine Paterson’s 1987 award-winning book, Bridge to Terabithia, is now in theaters. If you are not familier with the book, it might interest you that it contains a few references to Narnia. For example, in the book, when Leslie Burke first comes up with the idea for Terabithia, she says “It could be a magic country like Narnia.” She even loans Jess Aarons her set of Narnia books (to show him how things work in a magic kingdom). The film is rated PG for thematic elements including bullying, some peril and mild language. Learn more about the film and the book. UPDATE: The film was #2 at the box office (behind Ghost Rider), and earned just over $22 Million opening weekend. I had a chance to see it this weekend and quite liked it. I thought it was well-directed and faithful to the book. (Discuss)