BIG RUMOR: Neil Burger in Talks to Direct ’Dawn Treader’?

Before you read any further, understand that this is just a rumor, totally unconfirmed. Moviehole writes that they “heard some pretty steadfast murmur this afternoon that Neil Burger, director of “The Illusionist”, may have been approached to direct the next instalment in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series.” The keyword in this report is “approached.” Even if Burger is talking with Disney/Walden, that does not mean he has the job. Read the full story. UPDATE: Ciboule from points out that rumour got started at Variety: Following “The Illusionist,” on which Koppelman and Levien were also producers, Burger had been in talks to helm the next installment of Disney’s “Chronicles of Narnia” franchise. (View Burger’s IMDB listing here)