Set Pictures from New Zealand

From “The codeeater from Germany (translated from German to English through babelfish) says that they were shooting some long shots from the boat of the kids arriving at the beach and some close shots from behind the kids at they walked onto the shore. These could be doubles… the little girl doesn’t much look like Lucy from the first movie, nor does the older guy much look like Peter.”

Codeeater writes us to add, “I just returned from my vacation in New Zealand. While visiting the Coromandel region and especially Cathedral Cove, I took some photos of the last day of shooting there for Narnia 2. They were doing only some long shots from a sailing boat of the kids arriving at the beach and some closeups from behind the actors. We couldn’t get too close and I can’t positively identify the actors – could be stand-ins?”

We’re quite certain that the actors are the doubles, as they don’t look like Will, Skandar, or Georgie in the close up shot, but at least we get a great look at the school uniforms and the beach they seem to be using to film Pevensies’ reentry into Narnia.

Thanks to everyone for sending this story in and to Codeeater for our own copies of the beautiful pictures!