April Fool’s 2007

Yes, we were joking. There’s no Prince Caspian teaser trailer yet, the land of Narnia is still veggie-free, and there will be no Olsen twins appearing in the film! While Camp NarniaWeb is a delightful idea, it was all made-up! Were you fooled? Judging from the emails we received, most of you realized that we were joking about all our silly headlines. (Many of you are much wiser, remembering our trickery from last year.)

For the record, here is a link to archives of our April Fool’s Day Headlines from 2007. Make sure you take our new poll: Were you fooled? UPDATE: Poll ended.

Your April Fool’s Day jokes have been brought to you compliments of the following fine NarniaWebbers (in no particular order): Dooby, glumPuddle, Dr.Elwin Ransom, Rilian, Starkat, Berninbush, Shadow-Lander, Tirian, Coracle, Halrandir, and Kaleb70.