Director Chosen for Dawn Treader Film

In this exclusive report, NarniaWeb can inform you that a director has now officially been attached to the third Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Earlier this year it was announced that Andrew Adamson would not be directing the third film due to other commitments (including his work on the upcoming Prince Caspian film).

Although we don’t have the name of the director for you yet, our source also confirms that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is already in pre-production.

Location reconnaissance is currently underway to select suitable sites for filming. The story is set at sea to the east of Narnia and includes scenes set on a series of islands that are quite distinct from one another. Prior reports have suggested that the island nation of Malta is one location under consideration.

Meanwhile, the scriptwriters are hard at work on the screenplay. The main characters in this story include Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, Caspian, the Pevensies’ unpleasant cousin Eustace, and the Talking Mouse called Reepicheep (who also appears in Prince Caspian).

And in a wee tidbit of Prince Caspian news, our source informs us that filming on Prince Caspian is currently progressing very well in Prague. Stay tuned to NarniaWeb for all the latest Narnia news!