Prince Caspian in Slovenia

Slovenia’s “24 ur” program has aired a report about the upcoming Prince Caspian location filming in Bovec. See the video at Thanks to Robert for the heads up, and Adaughter.ofEve for the translation!

A Fairy Tale in Bovec

This year’s largest Disney film project, Prince Caspian (to be premiered May 2008), means the biggest publicity ever for Bovec. Millions of filmgoers will see the region’s Soca river and a fairytale bridge.

The busiest time of filming will be during June and July, when there will be at least 1000 people in Bovec.

Local: “This is actually very interesting, you know. As a matter of fact, it’s like we’re moving back in time to the 80s when there was a similar situation, with 2000 to 3000 guests staying in the wintertime. We’ve almost forgotten what it was like, and now we’ll be able to experience it again.”

Many hoteliers are already calculating the profit they will be able to make through letting rooms – which will probably be filled to capacity.

The first crew members are coming to Bovec in May 2007.

Iztok Kenda will be able to watch the filming from the window of his own restaurant.

Kenda: “They’ve moved the locations even closer to us, so I’ll be only about 200 metres away from the main activity. We’ve made an agreement that all the actors and actresses can have meals here, but they’ve arranged accommodation somewhere else.”

The greatest attraction will probably be the wooden bridge, which will be made by the Primorje factory in Ajdovscina. It will be 60 metres long and 7 metres wide.

Builder: “This is the sort of bridge that was in fact designed by Caesar, which means that this will be an example of a truly old bridge, made from pine wood. It’s rather unusual in this day and age, and very different from other sorts of bridges. It’s proof that builders from the past were masters of their craft.”

Reporter: “Here is where the bridge will stand near the end of the film. The cavalry will cross the bridge, which will collapse. Then the soldiers are taken to another land.”

Some people in Bovec are already thinking about saving the props and the collapsed bridge after filming is completed, so that they can be moved to a new location and made into a tourist attraction like those seen in other countries.