Interview with Harry Gregson Williams

The Hollywood Reporter talks to composer Harry Gregson-Williams about his career and film projects, including the Narnia films.

To him, the music comes first, and then he almost finds the application,” Adamson continues. “On the ‘Narnia’ series, when we started with that — before he’d even seen anything — he said, ‘I’ve got this big heroic theme that I’m imagining at a coronation or something,’ and he sat down and played it for me on piano. It was beautiful, and it became one of the strongest themes in the film. He seems to have a very intuitive approach to film music.”

The composer will debut a concert suite of his “Narnia” music with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra on May 19, and he already has begun thinking about the second film in the series, “Prince Caspian.” “I’ve read the script, and there are a couple areas that I’m researching, but really it’s a very different story,” Gregson-Williams says. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to hang on to one or two of the cues and develop them, but it’s quite dark, actually. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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