Narnia Suite Premiere

An eager fan recently attended the premiere of Harry Gregson-Williams’s Narnia Suite in Denver, saying: The concert was wonderful-the suite was made up of all the main themes from the film and the highlight for everyone seemed to be the fourth movement: The Battle of Beruna. There were 3 screens in Boettcher Hall and they displayed still photos as well as clips from the film while the music was being played. Another highlight was a taped introduction by William Moseley and Anna Popplewell from the set of Prince Caspian. Visit for the full report and to see photos from the event. The Denver Post writes: While the luminous voice of Lisbeth Scott was mostly overpowered by the orchestra and choir, pianist Stephen Barton and Martin Tillman on electric cello shone in their rendering of sweet, lyrical solo melodies. Playing multiple woodwinds, Chris Bleth’s depiction of Mr. Tumnus, the faun, was especially light and fanciful, as was Timo Väänänen’s adroit performance on kantele, the Finnish national instrument. Read more here.