Disney Bans Smoking in Films

On Wednesday, the Walt Disney Co. became the first major Hollywood studio to ban depictions of smoking, saying there would be no smoking in its family-oriented, Disney-branded films and it would “discourage” it in films distributed by its Touchstone and Miramax labels. Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger also said in a letter to U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, that the studio would place anti-smoking public service announcements on DVDs of any future films that feature cigarette smoking. What does this mean for Narnia? Well the Dwarfs and Puddleglum probably won’t be lighting their pipes any time soon. Read the whole story here. Thanks to Cepault for sending this in.
UPDATE: According to the official Disney Press Release, the smoking ban seems to apply to cigarettes only. So perhaps we’ll see Trumpkin and Puddleglum with their pipes after all.