Press Conference in Bovec

You can watch the original video for this news report at Big thanks again to Monika for transcribing and translating the report, and to Lady Eowyn for the rest of the transcript.

Excitement in “Narnia”

The atmosphere in Bovec yesterday was something like moments in the centre of Hollywood, with a crowd of journalists and photographers wanting to get the clearest shots possible. Andrew Adamson, the New Zealand director, and Mark Johnson, one of the top film producers, were late to the conference (as the stars usually are!).

Nevertheless, they are both thrilled with the Bovec scenery and with the local people.

Johnson: “We have been welcomed not just from an official standpoint, but really from the man on the street.”

Andrew Adamson, who is well known for the Oscar-winning animated film Shrek, is very impressed by the Bovec scenery.

Adamson: “I would love to come back to shoot another movie. I mean, as I say, I think the country is beautiful, so I can imagine many opportunities to shoot here.”

The Bovec community is also pleased with the possibilities of further co-operation. They are already hosting over one thousand members of the filming team in all the hotels and private houses on more than one hundred different sites.

Adamson: “So I hope none of you are planning to stay tonight.”

Johnson: “We’ll rent you a room but we’ll charge a lot of money.” (laughter)

Both filmmakers were not so playful about the severe security measures placed on every step of filming.

Johnson: “We have had people all over the world trying to find out not just what the sets look like, [but] what the actors look like … who’s in it, what their costumes look like … we want to preserve the magic of the story and of the film.”

Fans of the Chronicles of Narnia will have to wait until the 16th of May 2008 for their first chance to see Prince Caspian. There’s hope for those who want to know the story beforehand, because they can read the book.

People will be able to see about ten minutes of Bovec scenery (that’s the part of the film that will be shot in Bovec – because they have been filming in five different countries) at the special screening of the movie that will probably take place in Bovec next year.