Prince Caspian Filming in Slovenia

First up, Nika has posted a couple of photos of the Telmarine bridge and camp at her blog – check it out!

According to previous reports, one sequence will involve the freeing of the River God when the bridge is spectacularly destroyed with soldiers running over it. The River God is being created with CG by effects house Framestore.

In addition, has reported on the current status of filming in Bovec. Thanks very much to Monika for her transcript and translation of this story. You can check out the video at, though we have a few screenshots for you below as well.

Hollywood in Bovec

Prince Caspian Props

Prince Caspian Props

Filming on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian has now begun in Bovec with a team of hundreds.

But this year’s largest Disney film project, Prince Caspian, is wrapped in a shroud of mystery even after the first few days of filming. Only a few things are known – for instance, that they have built a 60 metre long wooden bridge.

However, more information will become available next week when the producers and their assistants arrive in Bovec. Until then, only those who are involved in the filming have permission to enter the location.

Security man: “You must turn off the news camera because they are filming there.”

The filming location is heavily guarded, so we could only see it from a distance. “Narnia” could not even be seen from the air, because the air space above Bovec is closed. It’s also forbidden to reach the area by the river.

Tourist: “We can’t get through because it’s closed. They’re probably filming there.”

Rafting club member: “The filming might have some implications on our current business, but we also think that it’ll bring some benefits in the end.”

This project is also very popular with the Bovec community, which is hoping for the possibility to built a “mini Narnia” attraction.

Mayor of Bovec: “Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to talk about that yet, because the producers aren’t coming until Friday and Monday.”

Telmarine Soldier

Telmarine Soldier

That’s when they’ll fill up the last places in the already crammed hotels and private rooms.

Tourist agency: “At the moment, I think all the accommodation is filled to capacity.”

Kanin Hotel: “We’re very pleased with the number of guests and visitors. Now we’re expecting the filming team, who have reserved three quarters of our hotel until the 17th of July.”

In spite of the liveliness that has been brought by the Disney film team, Bovec remains an idyllic and peaceful town. They are expecting some bustle only next week, when the rest of the crew will come. They expect that there will be some traffic problems, and are announcing that there will be 15 minute road blocks between Zaga and Bovec.