First Look at the Prince Caspian Game


When the folks in the Disney Interactive booth picked up the controller to give us a once through in this land of make believe at the German Games Convention, we got to see one of the battles for control that raged in the children’s absence and how the three-character co-op game will perform.

The build was admittedly early but already had some impressive mechanics — such as the massive amounts of brawlers on the screen at one time — and graphics.

Beyond the battles, the characters will need to work together to solve puzzles. At one point, a gryphon took one of the dwarfs in the fight to a higher part of the castle, and later on, the minotaur knocked down a cog, put it in place and activated the device with the dwarf’s help.

Prince Caspian Video Game Screenshot - IGN
Prince Caspian Video Game Screenshot – IGN

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