Posts Comic-Con Rundown

The official site has posted a run-down from Comic-con including something we haven’t seen yet: a complete list of footage that was narrated by director Andrew Adamson.

Here are the highlights, and click here to read the entire article:

• “Prince Caspian” brings the four Pevensies back to the world of Narnia. Thirteen hundred years have passed and the world they knew no longer exists.
• Footage – Pevensies on the beach in their school uniforms.
• Footage – Overhead view of the Cair Paravel ruins.
• Footage – Peter sword fighting in a courtyard at night.
• The character of Caspian features into the next three stories.
• Concept art – Trufflehunter
• Concept art – Reepicheep (this garnered some hearty applause from the audience)
• In “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” the action was a button on the end of the film where in “Prince Caspian” the action is more inherent to the story. There are battles throughout the film.
• Footage – The Pevensies with Trumpkin (he looks perfect!) in a boat. Looked like they were traveling up river.
• Footage – Overview shot of a big skirmish in the Castle courtyard (very dark tone)
• Footage – Though his back is to the camera, it looks like Peter is fighting Miraz. Miraz is decked out in spectacular bronzed armor with an intimidating battle face plate.
• Andrew said he always wanted the battle to include different fighting styles for the various creatures. In “Caspian” we’re now able to see how fauns fight differently from minotaurs, and centaurs and gryphons…
• Pre-Viz Footage – a faun running along a balcony ledge, jumping from the railing to the wall and slashing through soldiers in mid-air. This gave an example of what Andrew is looking to do with various fighting styles – it was fluid, fierce and acrobatic. Very cool stuff!!
• Pre-Viz Footage – gryphons lift up Dwarfs (as though they were arming themselves with weapons!) and dive vertically down the face of a cliff.
• Footage – Pevensies climbing down a deep gorge.
• Footage – Susan fights a Telmarine with one arm, while hooking another soldier around the neck with her bow. It appears she’s become a much more accomplished warrior!
• Footage – medium shot of Miraz in full bronze battle armor. Looks awesome!!
• Footage – Peter does an impressive running horse mount,
• Footage – a column of charging Telmarines on horseback.
• Footage – a beautiful wide shot of soldiers running towards the Bridge of Beruna.
• Footage – a quick shot of an enraged Miraz without his helmet/face plate, revealing our first look at Sergio Castellitto in character.
• Footage – Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin in shackles.
• Footage – Peter fighting a creature (a hag?)
• Footage – final shot of the Pevensies in Aslan’s How, standing solemnly before the stone table.

UPDATE: AintItCool News has posted their report on Narnia at Comic-Con. Here’s a clip:

What surprised me about this footage is that it was pretty graphic. You had the Griffins joining the flight as well as the kids. Arrows flew. Kids were killing guards… and once in the castle you got other magical creatures… Dwarfs and mice (Reepicheep led two other mice with swords out) attacked. I could have sworn I saw Reepicheep slice one guard’s throat. He just kind of lowered himself down on a piece of string as the guard’s back was turned. The guard turned and out came the sword, slashing at his neck.Read the full report (strong language warning)