Production Blog #8: Richard Taylor – Part 1

Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop)

Nikabrik's Dagger Concept Art

Nikabrik's Dagger Concept Art

Weta’s armor and weapons departments were kept busy turning these concepts into reality and in sufficient numbers to arm two opposing armies. For the Telmarines Weta made two-hundred polearms in two different styles, two-hundred rapiers of varying design, over a hundred falchions, two-hundred and fifty shields and fifty-five crossbows. The Telmarine cavalry were equipped with soft shields and stunt gear for use with live horses. Weta made stunt-safe horse faceplates for the warhorses and sculpted unusual faceplate helmets for the soldiers.

New characters Nikabrik and Trumpkin needed swords and daggers, while the grand Narnian army seen in the first film had to be aged back and re-imagined as a rebel force, gone wild. Familiar armor and weaponry was mixed with new elements to create a more organic, individualized and heavily worn look. New items added included a Minotaur mace and Centaur flail as well as specific weapons for the lead Minotaur, Asterius.

Even Reepicheep, who would be a digital character, required an exquisite little sword to be made by Weta at life size.

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