The Silver Chair Makes Walden’s Pre-Strike List

You may or may not have heard already about the possible strike involving the Writers’ Guild, Directors’ Guild, and Screen Actors’ Guild in June of next year. Because of this, many production companies are trying to get their big films underway before the potential strike occurs. has published a list of each major studio’s priority movies to be completed before the strike. Surprisingly, of the five movies listed under Walden, two are Narnia films: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair. We’ve received no official word that The Silver Chair has been greenlighted, although Ben Barnes has been signed to reprise his role as Caspian in that film. Will Michael Apted, who is the president of the Directors’ Guild of America (one of the possibly striking Guilds), take on The Silver Chair? Or due to the fast-tracking of the production will they need to hire a new director? It’s hard to say this far out. But it’s interesting to note that The Silver Chair has made it onto Walden’s list of priority movies to be in production before the strike. How will this affect the quality of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair? And how will this affect the projected “one per summer” release schedule for the seven films? It’s possible that fifth Narnia film could be delayed if the strike is not resolved quickly.

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