Prince Caspian Clips Unveiled at Heartland Film Festival

‘Steph’ sent us this spy report after attending the Heartland Film Festival in Indiana:

The theatre was very populated, but not completely full. There were some “VIP” seats filled, but later we could move down closer to the stage. No cell phones could be taken into the theater, even if it was turned off. Security men and women stood on the aisles with little camera devices that would pick up any video cameras or cell phone cameras going off. So no one could get pictures/videos of the event. It was very well guarded.

Mr. Zoradi was very charismatic and funny. He told us about some future projects and told us a little about the Disney movie industry. A small clip of Lion King (the “Hakuna Matata” song) was shown where every twenty or so seconds the language would switch. It went from English to Dutch to Zulu.

We saw a never before-seen clip of “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” that will be released to the public within a few weeks. We saw two behind the scenes clips of “Narnia: Prince Caspian.” We saw some amazing snips of battle scenes and were told the story-line. The scenery was beautiful. There was one or two Susan/Prince Caspian type moments. We were also introduced to some new characters that will be appearing into the new movie. Mr. Zorani said that Narnia is probably the largest production and that everyone at Disney is very excited for the new movie to come out.

Then some clips of Wall-E, Bolt, and Enchanted. The evening ended with free desserts at the reception. Free posters of Enchanted and free Narnia bookmarks were available for guests.


I guess I should emphasize more on what I saw (I wrote that report late last night) …I can’t remember everything that happened, but I’ll try to explain it.

There were two behind the scenes clips, one with dialogue the other with music and just shots from the movie. Mr. Zorani said that the movie is complete now, so they know how it will appear in theatres.

Those “Susan/Caspian” moments…let me explain. There was no mention of romance, no kissing, not even hugging or holding hands. One scene was one we saw on the Ben Barnes behind-the-scenes video that was on NarniaWeb a few months ago. Caspian is trying to learn how to use a bow, she moves the bow higher, he looks over all nervous like. The other is where he is like on a horse in the forest and she’s there, fallen over for some reason, and looks up and smiles. My friends were the ones who said they think something might happen between the two, but they’re hopeless romantics, so it might just be them.

The battle scenes…I saw clips of one that was like in a village of some type. I saw little clips of Caspian, Peter, Susan, and Edmund (I think) fighting. Then I saw magical creatures and the special effects guy talked about how they worked especially hard to work on how the magical creatures move during battles. Then there was some sword fight between Peter and Caspian, but I’ve already seen pictures/clips of that from various video and pictures already surfacing on the internet.

There were clips of the kids running on the beach in their school uniforms and going back to places such as (I think, they never said these were the places) the stone table and Castle Cair Paravel.

It showed us some new characters (don’t remember the names, I assume they’re from the books — I haven’t read the books yet) such as the amazing sword fighting mouse [Reepicheep], the nice dwarf who guides the children [Trumpkin], the other dwarf whose loyalties change constantly [Nikabrik], and the bad guy who yearns for power [Miraz].

There was another clip where they try to kill Caspian, but he hides and escapes. That might be in the book, but I’m not sure. They also mention how Lucy is the only one who can see Aslan at first because she’s the only one who truly believes in Aslan, I guess.

Hmm…what else? There were just very short clips that I can’t really remember and I don’t know the context because they just went from one little clip to the next. The movie looks like it’ll be amazing. The special effects look very nice and the different sceneries are beautiful!

Again, Disney and Heartland are very protective about the movie previews shown at the event, so no pictures or videos will appear. For the Narnia part, the important stuff we learned fans already know — such as plot, new characters, etc. We’ve also seen many of the movie clips I saw through various videos and pictures that have already surfacing on many fansites.

Only seven more months until Prince Caspian! 🙂

Reepicheep is white and grey/ friend and I can’t agree over the second color. But he does have a cool, shiny sword. We only saw conceptual art for him, but I’m assuming he will be quite small since he’s a mouse.

No one is yet 100% positive about the Susan/Caspian stuff, but Mr. Zorani was very adamant about the theme of the novel being adapted into the movie as well. He explained how movies can’t be exactly like the books they are adapted from, but the one point Mr. Lewis’s son made before signing rights over for the movie(s) is that the main theme be present in the movies, even if some events needed to be altered or deleted. So even if there are Susan/Caspian moments, maybe even flirting, Disney might stay true to future books and focus more on the theme as to not make the relationship evolve into something romantic. But that’s just my educated guess.

And ~QueenSu~ also wrote in and said:

First, I should start off by saying that the most talked about movie of the night was Prince Caspian. Mark Zoradi loves The Chronicles of Narnia, and mentioned them a lot. I really enjoyed his remarks. He went to a Christian College and talked a bit about the truth of the gospels. Okay, now down to business. We got to first see a behind the scenes look at Prince Caspian. And if that wasn’t enough, we got to see some non-edited, non-special effects, non-dialogue footage! There were a lot of shots of the castle raid, and in one of them, Su takes out a guard. At Aslan’s How Lucy screams, and then the camera shows two dwarfs fighting. There were dozens of shots of Su’s armor, and in one of them she’s out in the forest shooting her bow and arrow (in other parts, she fights with a sword too). Also got to see shots of her castle raid outfit and the dress she wears at Aslan’s How, along with her school uniform. They were just glimpses of the costumes at this point.

At the beginning, the Pevensies are running across the street to the train station. When they feel the magic, they all stand up, hold hands, and then find themselves in a cave. They run out into the sea. It also shows them at the Cair Paravel ruins, with Lucy looking down into the treasure room. I’m compelled to think that they meet Trumpkin instead of Caspian at that point because it pans to show the Pevensies with Trumpkin in a boat. I think your worst nightmare is coming true regarding Caspian and Susan. In one of the shots, Su is in the forest, alone, on the ground, when she sees Caspian comes riding up on a horse, and Su smiles…. Anyways, the PC sneak peaks were absolutely AWESOME!

Thank you both for writing in and sharing the details of the conference with us!!