Production Blog #11: Costume Design

Isis Mussenden – Costume Design

Doctor Cornelius

Doctor Cornelius


The beauty of the Narnia stories is that each book is its own story, yet they’re interconnected and reference each other because the hero and the main character of “The Chronicles of Narnia” is always Narnia. New faces are introduced – we lose some beloved characters but we gain new ones as the stories progress. Having this rich base to build upon for new characters and cultures makes my job as a costume designer endlessly exciting.

The scope of “Prince Caspian” is massive – about 10 times bigger than the first film (we tried to count the rivets on the brigandines and we can’t – it was over a million!). We have a cast that has quadrupled and on top of that we have to build multiple sizes for Georgie and Skandar who continue to grow at such a rapid pace. Georgie hit 5 feet tall finally after all these years. When we started with her, she was just 8 years old – it’s kind of amazing to us! We have probably built over 1,000 pieces just for the extras, including the Telmarine village. In addition we build everything for the soldiers; boots, brigandines, greaves, pants, shirts, gloves – the only thing I didn’t create really are their underwear and socks.

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