The Narnia Pop-Up Book

A few days ago we posted a report about the Narnia pop-up book. Since that time, we were able to get our hands on one of these books and this is one of the most amazing and intricate pop-up books imaginable.

Additionally, we’ve learned that the book’s creator Robert Sabuda will be the closing speaker for the C.S. Lewis Festival in Petoskey, MI this year. On December 1st Robert will be talking about the creation of the book from C.S. Lewis’ vision to the final print and then signing copies. If you’ll be close to Petoskey, MI next weekend be sure to check it out!

See the pictures in our image gallery

The Book’s Cover

Narnia Pop-Up book cover

Narnia Pop-Up book cover

The Magician’s Nephew
This page has a large picture of Aslan that comes roaring forward.

Roaring Aslan

Roaring Aslan

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
This page has Tumnus and the lamppost, the White Witch’s castle, and the wardrobe. It comes about a foot off the page.

Pop up book page

Pop up book page

The Horse and His Boy
Shasta riding Bree. Bree’s tail flies off the page and he has real string reins.
Shasta riding Bree

Shasta riding Bree

Prince Caspian
Lots of different characters from the story — Caspian’s sword and Trufflehunter’s head got a little stuck and hard to put back in place. Notice the shiny armor!

Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Dawn Treader has real cloth sails.

The Silver Chair
This is my favorite. Look at the twisting vines!

The Last Battle
All characters come streaming out the door, extending maybe eight inches below the book. Wow!

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