IGN Reviews Prince Caspian Game

Traveller’s Tales, which developed the original game, is now hard at work on the second in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We sat down with associate producer Oliver Barder at GDC to see how the follow-up is faring.

Like its predecessor, Caspian is an action-adventure game that closely follows the film it’s based on, but it also departs from the previous title in a few important ways. First, Caspian does away with some elements of the complex combo attack system employed in LWW and eliminates the process of purchasing advanced moves through coin collection.

Traveller’s Tales has simplified that process, limiting characters to two basic attacks (light and heavy), which are mapped to the controller’s face buttons, and a special ability. Whereas the first game was linear, Caspian is built on a hub system that allows players to tackle game objectives in a looser order.

In LWW, you could control multiple characters during battles, switching between them at will and using them to team up for attacks, sometimes whimsical, and sometimes straightforward. Traveller’s Tales has scaled back the whimsy factor in Caspian’s combat and limited character control to two players in most cases. You’ll still be able to switch between them during combat with the simple press of a button and each character’s attack sequence is dynamically generated, which gives a fluid look to the characters’ movements.

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