News from the BAFTA Awards

Interviewer: This is from Michael in Nottingham. He says, ‘what can you tell us about voicing the role of Reepicheep (which I believe is a mouse) in Prince Caspian?’

Eddie Izzard: Well, I am voicing the role of Reepicheep so I dunno whether that’s what he’s asking me, whether I’m doing it… Reepicheep’s the mouse in Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Prince Caspian’s about to come out so I am doing the voice of this mouse. So the mouse is actually I think like a cross between Mad Max and someone else kinda psychotic, I said this to the director, I said I think he’s got this kind of a Mad Max thing, he’s kind of this insane mouse who’s just… he’s all for honour, and he’s very, very chivalrous, but he is a very dangerous mouse who comes in like a train, murdering everyone left, right and centre so, so that’s kinda like me, like an action transvestite, and he’s just an action mouse, so some sort of crossover there…

Interviewer: Oh, well I’m very much looking forward to seeing this mouse on the big screen…

NarniaWebber Jints also adds, “Having seen the interview myself, I think that Eddie was running out of mental steam towards the end of his reply; you tell he was tailing off, perhaps even hoping the interviewer would step in. So I’d take the ‘transvestite’ comment with a HUGE pinch of salt.”

UPDATE: Here is a link to the interview video. Eddie Izzard comes in at 8:43. Also James McAvoy is interviewed at 14:45, though he doesn’t mention Narnia.

Special thanks to Jints for a copy of the transcript!