Prince Caspian Rumors and Reviews

Ever since the first prescreening of Prince Caspian, our members have been searching the far reaches of the Internet to turn up a few reviews. Here are two of the slightly more reliable reviews/interviews, followed up by a comment from Douglas Gresham. Nothing in the first two reviews has been confirmed by the production — and be aware that IF these reviews are accurate, they are full of plot spoilers.

First set of comments from Nettiebelle12 on IMDb:
“Reepicheep is a fun character, his animation wasn’t anywhere near done, just a boxy little mouse animation, but very fun. My favorite character was actually Trumpkin, his humor was very dry.
Most of the fauns, minotaurs, and centaurs had green pants on, and the rest had very crudely animated legs, which was entertaining 🙂
I read the book when I was a child so I can’t recall if the movie lives up to the book. Regardless, it is a very entertaining and great story.
I think I liked it more [than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe], probably because we didn’t have to set up the story like in the first one. Also, it seemed to have more humor in it than the first one.
I think it was about 2 hours long.”

This interview was obtained by NarniaWebber mm1991 who had a conversation with another person claiming to have seen the prescreening:

Could you tell me the reasoning behind the night raid at Miraz’ castle?
I think they wanted to strike first–take the element of surprise. I can’t remember a whole lot about that, though…

How would you define Reepicheep?
Hardly memorable. I was a little disappointed in the voice they chose for the character. However, it was a little difficult to tell because the CGI was not done. He might have more of a character once he actually is moving and not just a little gray cylinder…but he was nothing to write home about.

Is there any type of romance between Caspian and Susan?
Yes. They flirt, he rescues her, they kiss at the very end. It was actually very good.

Does Caspian condone bringing back the White Witch?
Condone? Hm…I wouldn’t say so. It was more like he was coerced at an emotionally vulnerable time by Nickabrik. I don’t think he really knew what was going on until after it was already happening–then he was drawn in by the white witch’s evil/seductive power. It was actually a REALLY awesome scene–one of my favorites. But I wouldn’t say he CONDONED it.

Does the White Witch talk at all or break out of the ice?
Yes, she talks–but Edmund breaks the ice before she gets out.

Does Edmund at some point in the movie say something to the effect of “Bother, I’ve lost my torch in Narnia!”?
Yes–I think verbatim.

Does Peter dive in the water to save Trumpkin?
I think he does…someone did, but I forget who. I’m pretty sure it was Peter…

Does the movie start in Narnia with Caspian or on Earth with the Pevensies?
It starts with the birth of Prince Caspian’s nephew or whatever–in Narnia.

Is Miraz assassinated by Sopespian?
Um…I don’t know who Sopespian is. But he was assassinated by a Lord, someone close to him. I don’t know the characters that well, sorry!

Does Peter pass his sword onto Caspian?
Yes. Gloriously.

Where is Lucy during the night raid?
She stays back at the ruins.

Would you say this movie was more or less humorous than the last one?
Much more–in a really tasteful way. It wasn’t silly or goofy at all. It was great.

Is there a fight between Trumpkin and Nikabrik?
I don’t remember.

Is there a duel of sorts between Edmund and Trumpkin?
Yes, right after they meet.

Why do Peter and Caspian fight?
They disagree about strategy. It’s a power struggle type of thing…

Could you tell me what “Lucy’s Journey” is about?
She goes to find Aslan, but I went to the bathroom right then, so I’m fuzzy on the details.

And finally to post a confirmed review, Douglas Gresham was kind enough to send us this message:
“Taking a break from working on Dawn Treader and other projects, I attended the test screening and I think that the team has done a fabulous job on Prince Caspian, starting with a less good story, our team has produced an even better movie than LWW. I must be perhaps the severest critic of all, and I like this movie very much!”