Walden Media’s New Prince Caspian Educator’s Guide

Walden Media has updated their website to include a new Educator’s Guide for Prince Caspian.

Narnia: Prince Caspian
Grade Levels: Grades 4 and up
Theme(s): Understanding the elements of fantasy, imagination, creativity, and adapting a book to the screen
Subjects: English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Theatre
Activity Highlights: Timeline to help students understand the time differenece between time in Narnia and time in England, and an essay contest for students to participate.
Educator’s Poster: Activities in this poster allow students to explore the worlds of Narnia and England as well as the characters in Narnia. This poster includes a student essay contest about “who is your Dr. Cornelius.”

Educator Guide Screenshot

Educator Guide Screenshot

To download your own copy of the Educator’s Guide, go to Walden Media’s Educator’s Guide webpage, scroll down to Narnia: Prince Caspian and click on the button ‘Download Educator’s Guide’ under the Prince Caspian poster.

Thanks to Narnia_Fan12 and 7chronicles for the tip!