Ben Barnes Meets Japanese Voice-Over Actor

The Japanese Disney site is reporting that Ben Barnes recently travelled to Japan to meet the famous Kabuki actor who is doing the Japanese voice-over for Caspian. Barnes also took part in a temple ceremony while there as part of the promotion for Prince Caspian. After the ceremony, there was a brief interview:
Interviewer: “What is it like playing a Prince?”
Japanese Actor: “Well, I have played numerous princes on the stage, but Ben here is a real prince.”
Interviewer: “Who should see this movie?”
Ben: “Everyone and my mother of course!”
Interviewer (to the Japanese actor again): “Do you want to do that again for ’The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’?”
Japanese Actor: “I’d greatly like to do that.”
Ben: “Well, you can do my acting parts instead then.” (laughter)
Thanks to Reepi for the find and the translation!