Have a Question? Ask Ben Barnes

From BBC Slink:

Our mates at BBC Movies have an interview next week with Ben Barnes, star of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (out on June 26th) [May 16 for the USA]. And they’d love you Slinksters to come up with some questions to ask him. How ace is that?

Prince Caspian (our personal fave of the Narnia books) is looking to be pretty flippin’ spectacular, and Ben Barnes may actually be the hottest fantasy-film-fitty since Orlando Bloom was first put in a dodgy blonde wig.

So if you’ve got any questions for Ben, send ’em in, and BBC Movies have promised to ask him as many of them as they can (which is jolly nice of them).

Maybe you’re wondering where that Spanish accent came from (given he’s actually from London)? Or perhaps you’re desperate to know whether Aslan suffers from morning breath?

To submit your question, visit this page here.

Thanks to icarus for the head’s up!