NarniaSpain Interviews Borrachero and Castellitto had this exclusive interview with Alicia Borrachero (Queen Prunaprismia) and Sergio Castellitto (King Miraz).

Queen Prunaprismia

Queen Prunaprismia

NS: How do you feel knowing that you participated in a movie which is going to be successful? (besides you will be recognized in all the world)

AB : Everybody tells me it is a step up to the fame but I think that it is only a big opportunity. (laughs)

SC: I don’t know if I’m going to be recognized but I’m happy because I have been selected.

NS: What can you tell us about Ben Barnes and the other boys?

AB: I saw the boys slightly, but I have talked with Ben Barnes many times.

SC: I filmed everything with the boys.

NS: What can you tell us about them?

SC: Hahaha, it was very funny see Ben Barnes on a horse, he was so scared! Skandar is a rebel who can’t stay quiet but Georgie is a lovely girl.

NS: Which was the greater challenge?

AB: Mine was to be evil. I was accustomed to certain type of characters in Spain, and change was very difficult.

SC: For me the challenge went to arrive at a family, all of them very were united and I and Alicia were alone.

Thank you to Ariel from for the tranlation.