New Footage Spotted on Disney Channel

Narnialover101 writes:

I just finished watching the Disney channel and two times I saw a new Prince Caspian ad. It was longer then the others and had bits with Ben Barnes talking. It was to long to remember the whole thing, but the following are the new shots I could remember:

Caspian, Peter, Susan and Edmund on the beach bowing (I assume they are bowing to Aslan)
– Susan and Lucy riding through the woods on horseback.
– Pevensies busting open a old door in Cair Paravel.
Aslan leaping in front of camera and growling.
– Glenstorm pulling out his sword.
– Caspian on horseback talking to Dr. Cornelius (there was a new line from Cornelius, but unfortunately I can’t remember it)
– New shots of Caspian fleeing Miraz‘s castle.
– Peter blowing dust off Aslan platter (same platter seen the “Journey back to Narnia” video)
Trufflehunter sitting at table with Nikabrik.
– Overhead shot of Pevensies in boat with Trumpkin.
– New shot of Lucy walking in the forest.

You might ask someone to keep there eye on Disney channel and video tape it if it comes on. Oh yeah, and it looks absolutely amazing!

UPDATE: Check_the_gate has posted this low-res edition of the trailer:

UPDATE AGAIN: ~DaughterofEve~ has uploaded a better quality video. Though it’s not perfect, it’s definitely clearer.

UPDATE #3: A better version is online. It’s darker, but at least there’s no glare: