New Interview with Ben Barnes for ‘Prince Caspian’

NarniaSpain has posted a video of a new interview with Ben Barnes on The Disney Channel.

Here is a rough transcript:

Carla: I was in Prague on the set, and I could see how they were filming this super movie.
Dani: In Prague, to return here. (laughter)
Carla: Actually it was incredible. There were many special effects, lots of action, lots of adventure. I was in the filming and also I tried changing rooms. You will be able to see all this on The Disney Channel.
Caro: That’s good! Tell me, were there any new actors? Surely Caspian…
Carla: Obviously Ben Barnes, who had not appeared in the first film, but is now one of the main characters.
Caro: It is nice?
Carla: It is very nice. I can follow later with anecdotes. Have you already seen Disney Planet?
Dani: Not yet
Caro: Let’s see?
Carla: Premier!
Caro: Premier for all the friends of Zapping Zone.
Dani: Present them like you do it in the ZZ of México.
Carla: Well guys, from the ZZ…

Disney Planet

Carla Medina: Welcome to a new Disney Planet. We already know the Pevensies in LWW but for this new adventure based on Lewis’s book, a new protagonist has been added, Prince Caspian.

Susan: Who are you?
Caspian: I am Prince Caspian.

Carla: I am with Ben Barnes, the main character of the movie Prince Caspian. Tell me a bit about your character.

Ben Barnes: I am the prince, and when I grow up I am going to be the king of Narnia. But my uncle usurped the throne and is trying to kill me so I have to escape. And I find myself in trouble, so I play the horn and call old kings and queens; Peter, Lucy, Susan and Ed. They come from England and come directly to collect powerful forces against my people, the Telmarines.

Peter: I don’t remember any ruins in Narnia.
Lucy: I wonder who lived here.
Susan: I think we did.

Carla: In the first film the children entered Narnia by the wardrobe. Now how do they get there?

Ben: This time when I sound the horn. And the magic appears out of a railway station as they are on their way to school.

Carla: Did you have to do any special training for the swordfighting?

Ben: Yes, I trained and we gave each of us an individual style of fighting. I had to learn that in this film. In this movie there will be more fights, and more action than the first.

Carla: And riding a horse?

Ben: I trained very much. We started filming in New Zealand with beautiful scenery. Each day was 4 or 5 hours riding and walking a horse.

Carla: Thank you Ben. And so we come to the end of this Disney Planet. Goodbye.

Thanks to Ariel of NarniaSpain for the heads-up and translation!