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From Game Informer Magazine: The latest celluloid ode to C.S. Lewis’ epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia is just around the corner, which can only mean a game spin-off of the Hollywood adaptation is chugging faithfully along as well.

Prince Caspian will follow the film’s script very closely, with a focus on the major narrative moments (read: epic battles). The rest of the plot will be conveniently breezed over using in-game cutscenes and full-motion video. In addition, the game also takes the liberty of exploring Narnian history during the 1,300 years between The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. These brand new levels will detail how Narnia fell into the hands of the Telmarine hordes and how the castle of Cair Paravel was left in ruins. This alone will be worth the price of admission for many diehard C.S. Lewis fans.

Prince Caspian Game article in Game Informer Magazine

Prince Caspian Game article in Game Informer Magazine

To bring the world of Narnia to life in its first next-generation game for the series, developer Traveller’s Tales has added real world physics, motion captured moves, and ragdoll animations for characters. Prince Caspian also forgoes complete linearity in favor of an exploration-based experience; each level will have one or two main hub areas from which players can explore outward and access other mission areas.
Players can assume the role of 20 playable characters during their adventure to free Narnia, including all four Pevensies and many new Narnian creatures. The characters you can use will vary from mission to mission, and you will have to rely on each of their differing skills to solve puzzles and rid the countryside of the Telmarine foes. As with The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the entire game has been designed with co-op in mind. Unfortunately, Traveller’s Tales has neglected to expand this feature to online co-op.

When it comes to action, Prince Caspian offers a less complex approach to battle than its predecessor. The game still features ranged and melee combat, but less emphasis is placed on learning combos. Instead of unleashing killer combos with complex button presses, players can simply chain attacks with their strong and weak melees as long as an enemy is within striking distance. If you’re too out of control, the Telmarines will recognize your vulnerability and move in for the kill. You can also use your fellow combatants to trigger team combo attacks on some of the more imposing Narnian enemies.

While wandering the Narnian countryside, you’ll also want to collect the shards and keys found throughout the land. Shards are pieces of armor that will make your characters more resilient to enemy attacks. Keys will unlock hidden chests that will deal more damage to your enemies.

We’re excited to see it the game and the film stand up to the quality of the book when they release in May.

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