Prince Caspian in Total Film Magazine

Prince Caspian Article in Total Film Magazine

Prince Caspian Article in Total Film Magazine

Total Film, May 2008

“The Biggest Creature Movie Ever. That’s what director Andrew Adamson called his first adventure in Narnia. So what does that make his sequel? “The Biggest Creature Movie Ever!” laughs Adamson, sitting with Total Film in the Prince Caspian editing suite.

From the footage Adamson has shown us, Narnia 2’s creature carnage is all there – and in some style. But this time, the four Pevensie children must face the human army of the tyrannical King Miraz, who now holds Narnia in a stranglehold 1,000 years after the events of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. And this Narnia, promises Adamson, is a far more dangerous place. “This is darker, grittier, a bit more of a boy’s film,” says Adamson. “The last film was about absolute good, absolute evil. This is more human – it’s about power, about politics.”

To back up his claims, Adamson shows us a desperate night-battle that culminates in Miraz’s men viciously slaughtering the army led by Peter and Edmund as they beat a retreat. Harsh stuff. But help is on hand from Miraz’s nephew and rightful heir of Narnia, Prince Caspian (Stardust’s Ben Barnes), along with Hollywood’s favourite dwarfs Warwick Davies and Peter Dinklage. We can only assume Verne Troyer was on holiday … ”

Special thanks to AJAiken for the picture and the transcript!