Share Your Thoughts/Feelings on Prince Caspian

From USA Today: “Some of this summer’s movies are sequels, and many spring from pop culture touchstones. From Brideshead Revisited to X-Files, they intrigue us because they’re connected to something that came before: TV shows, video games, books, comics. Those somethings often bring back a sweet memory or a meaningful time in our lives. USA TODAY wants to tell the personal stories linked to this summer’s big films. Did you see the first Indiana Jones with your best friend? Was Speed Racer must-see TV with your siblings? Has Batman been your favorite comic since you were a child? Nearly 20 summer movies could have stories to tell from people’s past experiences. Click on the titles below, and you can share yours. We’d also like to know if you are excited or anxious about the big-screen adaptation and why. Please include your name, hometown and daytime phone for verification.” If you would like to submit your story to USA Today, visit this page here and click on the “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” link.