Theatrical Trailer Description?

(The following report is just a RUMOR. It may or may not be true)
We just received this Spy Report from ’Pridelander’:

I’m a fan of Narnia movies from Japan. Sorry if my English is not good. Yesterday, I saw a new Prince Caspian trailer. It was attached to Enchanted, which was just released on March 14 in theaters in Japan. I can’t remember all the details, but there were a lot of new shots which weren’t on the teaser trailer. As far as I can remember, I saw these shots:

• Some shots from LWW
• Dr. Cornelius tells Caspian to escape
• Reepicheep raises his sword and says something
• Queen Prunaprismia(?) and a baby
• Peter argues with Caspian
• King Miraz says it doesn’t matter if they destroy the forest to find Caspian
• A lot of scenes which were already in the teaser trailer

As for music, music from LWW (The Battle and some other score) was used. There were more interesting and exciting scenes and dialogues. It looked like a theatrical trailer, so I guess it will be available in other countries and on the web soon.

Once again, this is just a rumor. Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement on the next trailer soon.