AICN Reveals Caspian Footage and Storyline

AintItCoolNews was invited to London and had the opportunity to view 45 minutes of Prince Caspian footage. They give us our first clear look at the start of the movie and the progression of the plot-line. Here are a few excerpts:

We start off with a bright star in the sky (I’m assuming that’ll be the transition between the Disney logo and the movie) and go over some really nice Weta model work of a dark castle and into a room, drawn in the screaming of a woman. She gives birth and a servant runs to tell the king of Telmarines that he just had a son.

The King is bearded like Leonidis in 300. He smiles and tells his servant to follow through on some order we don’t know about yet. Cut to young Caspian sleeping in his bed. He’s woken by his teacher, a chubby, spectacled wizard looking dude with flowing robes and a long white beard. There’s not much time and the teacher leads Caspian through a secret passage (via the wardrobe, of course) as the Telmarine guards enter the room and shoot an [boatload] of crossbow arrows into the draped bed.

Trumpkin and Nikabrik

Trumpkin and Nikabrik

There’s also some description of Reepicheep’s character and introduction:

Adamson and I talked about Reepicheep and how much I’m looking forward to seeing what Eddie Izzard brings to the fan-favorite violent sword-swinging mouse. Adamson said that he didn’t really find the character of Reepicheep until Izzard came in to record his dialogue. He had an idea, he said, but he came to find that he had subconsciously lifted a lot of his character for Puss N’ Boots when doing SHREK 2.

So, he couldn’t lock down a character that was different from Puss until he heard Izzard give his voice. Then things began clicking.

It’s a very long review that is chock-full of huge movie plot spoilers. There’s also a very clear description of the night-raid sequence and the personality conflicts between Peter and Caspian. As usual with AICN, please be aware that the report is laced with a pretty heavy amount of profanity.

Click here for the entire review.

Thanks to everyone who sent the link in.