Has the PC Soundtrack Listing

From the Prince Caspian Soundtrack listing at

1. The Call Performed by Regina Spektor
2. A Dance ‘Round the Memory Tree Performed by Oren Lavie
3. This Is Home Performed by Switchfoot
4. Lucy* Performed by Hanne Hukkelberg
5. Prince Caspian Flees Score
6. The Kings and Queens of Old Score
7. Journey to the How Score
8. Arrival at Aslan’s How Score
9. Raid on the Castle Score
10. Miraz Crowned Score
11. Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance Score
12. The Duel Score
13. The Armies Assemble Score
14. Battle at Aslan’s How Score
15. Return of the Lion Score
16. The Door in the Air Score

* Not Featured in Film

Just as a sidenote, some of the things about this score seem to be a bit odd (such as the lack of Lisbeth Scott’s name who confirmed for that she’s involved), so we’re not 100% convinced that this listing is accurate. Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm very soon whether or not this information is correct.

Thanks to Pridelander for the head’s up!