El Capitan Promo Ad and Voice-Over Interview

UPDATE: Sadly the first video has had to be removed.

This second video clip is mostly a Japanese interview with the young man who does the voiceovers for Caspian. But at the end of the interview, there’s about 30 seconds of new footage including a shot of Glozelle about to stab Caspian, and Prunaprismia and her baby.

Here is the translation of the video clips thanks to Pridelander:

Caspian’s lines at dub recording (00:15-01:05)
“I am Prince Caspian”
“Not all humans are enemies of Narnia.”
“Until two days ago, I believed talking animals didn’t exist.”
“If we work together, surely we can take back what has been lost.”
“I am Prince Caspian”
“Not all humans are enemies of Narnia.”
“Stay there.”
“What have you done to my/your relative/family” (I think he’s talking about Miraz murdered his brother…?)

(tagline) “That place was once paradise…”
Narrator: The beautiful magical land, Narnia, was ruined by invasion by the human kingdom Telmar.
The Narnians, who escaped into the deep forest, was waiting for a ray/glimmer of hope that would save them.
“Would you/we die for Narnia?”
Narrator: I believe, even if my life end, that someday all the hatred will vanish, and a ray of hope will come back to Narnia.
Female voice: Caspian!
Narrator: The Stories of Narnia Chapter 2: Prince Caspian’s Horn (literal Japanese title)

Thanks to icarus for the find!