List of Directors for the Silver Chair

From MTV Movies:

“There is a list,” Johnson revealed to MTV News of a group of dream directors being eyed to bring the fourth Narnia book, “The Silver Chair,” to the big-screen. “We have an eye on who might direct.”

Whoa, Whoa. Back up. You’re talking directors? That strikes me as something nobody does with a dead franchise. Not at the level of “Narnia,” anyway.

In fact, Johnson went on to describe how he envisions that the future of the “Narnia” series may very well wind up like “Harry Potter,” with different, visionary directors brought in to reinvigorate the franchise at each step along the way (a la Alfonso Cuaron).

“I think [the director of ‘Silver Chair’] will be somebody new entirely,” he said when we asked if that list of helmers included previous directors Andrew Adamson or Michael Apted. “I would like to get somebody totally unexpected.”

So it looks like, for now at least and until the next reversal, that the future of Narnia is a bright and comprehensive one, with Johnson planning on taking us from the beginning (“The Magician’s Nephew”) to the end (“The Last Battle”).

This story was originally published at MTV Movies Blog